My Bucket List...

I've always kept a mental list of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life... I decided to put these things in writing because it motivates me to keep shooting for my dreams. Essentially, just by seeing these things written down they seem more attainable!

The items on my list pertain to both my career and personal life and by no means is the list all-inclusive. I intend to keep adding to the list as I continue to learn, grow and develop!

1. Ride a gondola in Venice
2. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
3. Get a Master’s degree
4. Design and build my dream home
5. Live in California
6. Surf in Hawaii
7. Skydive
8. Attend the MTV VMA’s
9. Direct a movie
10. Vacation in Fiji
11. Visit a café in Paris France
12. Visit the Eiffel Tower
13. Eat authentic Italian food in Italy
14. Climb a mountain
15. Sit in box seats at an NFL game
16. Graduate with honors
17. Be hired as an event planner
18. Work on a movie set
19. Parasail
20. Scuba Dive
21. Get married
22. Take a Salsa dancing lesson
23. Take a Ball room dancing lesson
24. Get a massage on the beach
25. Vacation at a resort with a swim up bar
26. Visit Egypt and see the great Pyramids
27. See the Coliseum in Rome
28. Take a cross country road trip 
29. Live and work in a foreign country
30. Run my own business
31. Donate half a million dollars to charity at one time
32. See a Cirque Du Soleil show
33. Go Zip Lining in Africa
34. Own a boat
35. Own a jet ski
36. Run a marathon
37. Go to the Vatican
38. Have a dinner party with friends, wine and good conversation
39. Be an extra in a movie
40. Swim with a dolphin
41. Vacation in Washington D.C.
42. Drink a beer at the real Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
43. Play in a waterfall in the rainforest/jungle
44. Visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras
45. Spend Christmas in a tropical climate!
46. Go white-water rafting
47. Learn Spanish
48. Vacation and/or live in Australia
49. Spend a guilt free weekend in Vegas
50. Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland
51. Have a beer in Ireland
52. Live in Chicago 
53. Live in Miami
54. Buy a convertible
55. Become fluent in French
56. Live in a foreign country
57. Work in NYC
58. Attend the Findlay Market Parade and the Reds Opening Day game
59. Be a speaker at the Cannes Lions