Monday, January 23, 2012

4 Ways To Get Employees On-Board W/ Social Media

So you’ve incorporated social media into your integrated marketing strategy. You’ve hired a social media manager or a social media agency to jumpstart your brand. They’ve secured your brand’s standing in the space by developing a custom strategy and building your custom branded pages. What’s next? A lot.
Jumping into social media is not just about being present, it’s about building relationships and networking in order to achieve your main goal: Sales. As a business, it’s important to keep in mind that engagement and participation play a huge role in succeeding in social media. Thus it’s incredibly important to have employee’s buy-in to help drive engagement.

So how do you go about getting employees excited about your social media goals and helping your business attain social media objectives? It’s not only important to educate, motivate and empower your employees to take action; you also need to inspire them. Here are some ways to do just that:
1.Educate! – This is something I’ve learned over and over again. As a social media addict I understand the power of social media. Some people don’t have that same understanding because a lack of exposure, they just need a little education to understand how to use the tools and how it’s beneficial for both businesses and personal brands. This is an on-going strategy, social media is continually evolving and your employees should always be aware of best practices so they know how to best represent themselves and your brand.
2.Create Ambassadors! – An easy way to help jumpstart your goals is to gather a small group of social media ambassadors who already know some of the ropes. They don’t have to be gurus. They just need to have a love of social media. These employees will serve as role models to other employees to demonstrate best practices for your company’s social media goals.
3.Empower! – Encourage employees to come up with new social media ideas and tactics. One strategy is to incorporate social media ideation into quarterly meetings and encourage employees to creatively come up with new ideas.
4.Motivate! – Consider offering rewards for employees that can create out of the box ideas. Every business would love to have content go viral, create a contest to see who can come up with the cleverest idea to promote your business.

The most important lesson in gaining buy-in from employees is to help them understand that social media is a win-win situation. When they actively build their own social media presence it helps their own credibility in their expertise, it also allows them to help build brand awareness for your business. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint so keep an open mind and stay focused on the objectives. Not everyone is going to jump on board immediately. Stay patient and steadfast.