Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Five Ways to Optimize Your Blog

If you don't optimize your blog—or other online content—there's a good chance you're missing out on higher search-engine rankings that could extend your reach well beyond your site's current readership. But take heart: Sometimes all you need are a few tweaks here and there.

"A little attention to this area is better than none," notes the Guru Hub blog, which offers advice like this for creating SEO-friendly content:

Arrange your post's content in logical order. Think back to the essay format you learned in grade school: an introductory paragraph followed by supporting evidence and a conclusion. It improves readability for human visitors, and will earn a search engine's approval.

Pay attention to word count. According to Guru Hub, an article should contain at least 200 words. (For eyeballing purposes, most Get to the Po!ntnewsletters are between 250 and 300 words.) They recommend writing to a target length in the 400-to-500-word range.

Be sure to use local keywords. If your company offers products or services to a specific region, incorporate terms that local customers will likely use when searching for companies in your area.

Choose an image that complements your text. This provides visual interest for the reader, and you gain SEO points with a keyword in the photo description tag.

Don't duplicate and resubmit content. As with keyword stuffing, this raises major red flags for search engines—and they'll likely treat you like a spammer. "That could be the kiss of death for your site," Guru Hub notes, "so be very careful."

The Po!nt: Tweak it one more time. If your blog delivers valuable content, you're already winning most of your SEO battles—but why stop short of a total victory?

Source: Guru Hub.