Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Reasons People Won’t Follow You on Twitter!

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms. It is great for branding, SEO, business networking, keeping up-to-date on industry news and sharing blog posts; that’s just to name a few. I’ve been able to use Twitter to gain more knowledge of the mobile marketing industry while connecting with thought-leaders in the field. I’ve done this by optimizing my Twitter experience. Part of creating the best experience is following people and getting people to follow you back. Let’s face it, if people don’t follow you, then you’re not gaining exposure and you can’t engage.

There are not any steadfast rules to social media. However, many times you’ll find some universal unwritten rules. As a social media fanatic, I realize that the unwritten rules are more apparent to those of us who spend a lot more time in the space. However, they are also very useful for new users. In particular, I wanted to share some unwritten rules for Twitter following. I think these rules have evolved as super users have developed a strategy to optimize Twitter for their use. Your time is valuable and who you chose to follow on Twitter shapes your entire experience.

As a general rule of thumb you can expect on average seven out of ten people to follow you back when you follow them on Twitter. So how do you maximize your results to make sure people follow you back? Here are 10 reasons Tweeters won’t follow you back:

1. Your Twitter avatar is the egg (default photo) – Spam accounts are notorious for not uploading photos. So put up a picture of your pretty face already!

2. Your bio is empty – Again, spam accounts notoriously have empty bios. Also, use the 160 characters to give people an idea of who you are and give them a reason to follow you and use keywords.

3. You don’t have any Tweets – Twitter is about being social. People want to see that you are joining the community because you are actively interested.

4. Your Tweets are protected – Again, who you follow creates your entire Twitter experience. So if people can’t see your Tweets in order to decide if they like your content, most likely you’ll just get the ax.

5. Your “follow to followed” ratio is unbalanced – If you are following a thousand people and only have a couple hundred followers, it indicates to fellow Tweeters that you might not be that interesting. Don’t go on a “follow binge”, your growth should be natural as you stay active.

6. You only Tweet about your product/service – Twitter is not a direct sales platform. It’s about creating engagement and being a resource. Make sure to have a balance if you’re promoting a brand.

7. Incompatible content – We all like different things, sometimes people won’t follow you back simply because they aren’t interested in what you are saying. Don’t take it personal.

8. You don’t engage – It’s called “social” networking for a reason. People aren’t interested in constantly reading your monologue.

9. Too few updates – If your last Tweet was a month ago, (or for more active users a week ago), most Tweeters won’t follow you back. Again, Twitter etiquette is to stay active.

10. Too many updates – It’s important to find a balance. People don’t want a single Tweeter dominating their news feed.

Using Twitter can be a fun experience; it just takes some time to learn the ropes when getting started. These ten reasons people won’t follow you back are likely to be reasons down the road you’ll eventually not follow other Tweeters. As you learn to optimize your experience, you’ll naturally start looking for other Tweeters who will bring the most to your user experience.

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