Friday, March 4, 2011

Social Media No-No... Broadcasting like you're a PA System

When beginning a social media strategy many small businesses tend to use the same message over and over and they use the same message for every platform. This is a HUGE mistake. You will loose followers, you will irritate your fan base and you will stagnant your growth.

The key to understanding social media is that people don't connect to businesses they connect to people. When you walk into a room, do you barge into the center of the room and loudly announce "Televisions are 20% off right now so give me a call!"... people would stare - let's just be honest! It's not all that different in social media.

You need to create a strategy of building and cultivating relationships. You can't do that by using Facebook or Twitter (or any other platform) to simply broadcast messages. I mean seriously who wants to get on Facebook and be bombarded with annoying repetitive and useless information?! Not me and probably none of your fans. So keep this in mind when you create content: you want it to be interesting, relevant and useful to your audience. Take a serious step back and be objective about your content.

So what kind of strategy do you use to create content?