Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now you can edit your Facebook comments!

We’ve all done it… you’re writing a brilliant comment to post on a friends page or string, you hit ‘Submit’ and as you re-read your comment you see an error! Nothing is more frustrating on Facebook (ok, that might be a stretch but for the sake of conversation) because you know the person is going to get a notification that you just submitted a comment, so of course if you decide to delete and repost they are going to get yet another notification. I just noticed today that Facebook has updated their system (without really announcing it) so you can edit your comments. If you notice, the Submit button is no longer available… you have to hit Enter to submit your comment, or if you want a new line of text hit Shift+Enter. If you want to edit your comment after you hit Enter, hit the ‘X’ next to your comment and the edit box will show back up! Keep in mind that if you leave and come back you’re not going to have the option to edit. You’ll have to delete the post to change it. Great Facebook tip of the day!