Thursday, February 10, 2011

Understanding Social Media for Business

I notice that a lot of newcomers to social media marketing truly don't understand how to utilize social media for business purposes. Too many people try to use the same concepts on their business pages as they do on their personal pages. Unfortunately that's going to get you nowhere fast.

It's important to understand that when creating content for your social media that you take into account your audience. What are you offering to your audience? How do they perceive you? What is the brand image that you are conveying? All of these questions can help you decide what is relevant content to post to your businesses social media pages. The biggest difference between posting on business pages and personal pages is that on a personal page it's all about you. Most people don't take into consideration their audience when posting on a personal page, it's striclty based on "this is what I feel like sharing at the moment". This concept cannot be applied in a business space.

When putting together a social media strategy focus on creating relevant user content. But it doesn't stop there, once you have your content you have to constantly evaluate what is working and what is not. Are people interacting with you? Are they clicking your links? Are they asking you questions? (If the answer is no, then it's time to re-evaluate your content). These are different ways to gauge whether your content is relevant. Remember that their is no silver bullet. You must constantly monitor and adjust your message to make sure that it fits your audience and adds value to their experience.