Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T.O. & Ocho

T.O. is talking about signing on with the Bengals. I can't wait to see what happens. As a devoted Bengals fan I am excited to see if T.O. can help the team move past the play offs for the first time in over 21 years! The last time the Bengals went to the superbowl was Super Bowl XXIII in 1989 when they played the San Francisco 49ers and lost 20-16. It's about time our team brought home a Super Bowl win and I hope T.O. can help make that happen!

Monday, July 26, 2010

There comes a time...

When you experience something so intense and absolutely powerful that it reminds you why you follow your passion... This past week my boyfriend and I went to the theater just to enjoy a film, we didn't know what movie we wanted to see, we just picked a movie that sounded interesting.

We wound up seeing Inception. I am still in awe, the movie is absolutely intense. But more than anything it reminds me why I love being creative. It reminds me so much why I want to be a part of the entertainment industry. The genius of Nolan is incredible. The movie is an inspiration to me to follow my dreams. I hope that someday I can create something like this that will move people as this movie has moved me. I hope some day I can inspire people.

Their are no words to truly express the feeling inside...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Negative WOM

We all know that negative word of mouth spreads farther and faster than anything positive. Perhaps it's just human nature. I'm a bit dumbfounded by Verizon & LG at the moment. I've had so many problems with my phone it's unreal and neither company has done much to rectify the situation. I am on my 3rd model now and my warranty just expired. I went to have the phone looked at one week ago today and Verizon told me a simple software update would take care of my problem. At that time, my front screen was frozen and wouldn't do anything.

Since that time, my alarms have stopped working. My phone calender is my lifeline and without it I am lost! I also use my phone as my alarm clock, well guess what... that doesn't work either. I cannot even begin to describe the utter frustration of buying a product (for $150 mind you) and have it not work.

The customer service that I have received obviously reflects on the entire company and I wonder how many other dissatisfied customers are out there. In this volatile economy I don't know how any company can afford to survive with such horrible customer service...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel... really?

What little shard of respect and dignity Mel Gibson once had is completely gone. A new tape was released today that indicates he may have abused his own 8 month year old child! I try to interpret the news with a grain a salt because I understand that messages are framed to ensure they are interesting. So more often than not, stories are manipulated into propaganda that tugs at our emotions. Therefore I didn't want to jump to conclusions regarding the tapes being released without hearing both sides of the story. However, their seems to be irrefutable evidence in these tapes that Mel Gibson is a horrible person.

At this point I think his silence is not a ploy by his representatives to save his image while strategizing, I think it's a move on behalf of his lawyers to save his ass from jail!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Mel!

So I have been working on my personal brand and I've been taking a Public Relations class at the same time. I recently read a section on how to address crisis situations and I started thinking about Mel Gibson. His most recent debacle is certainly a PR nightmare. I couldn't even fathom the stress his publicist is under at the moment! From being named 1985's sexiest man alive by People's magazine to being named a sexist racist bigot, Mel Gibson has come a long way... and not in a good way!

Unsurprisingly, Gibson's representatives have declined to comment at this time as they strategize behind the scenes in hopes of salvaging some sort of image for the actor. But honestly, I don't know if it's possible! I mean celebrities have rebounded from a lot of things, but this string of negative publicity has seared an image into the public mind. I am very interested to see how his rep's address this issue in both the short term but especially the long term!

In my personal opinion, I think taking responsibility and addressing the issues head on are the best options at this point. Gibson needs to own up to his mistakes and seek treatment. I think this is the first step to repairing his public image (if their is any hope at all for reparation).

I'm Lovin' It

Received an email from my Public Relations professor this afternoon regarding the public relations program that I wrote...

"I was so impressed with your PR plan and would like to post it as this week's "Well Done" example with your permission. Thank you for your great work on this assignment!"

I was concerned that the plan wasn't detailed enough, considering I only had a week to complete. So needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this email. It's just validation when someone recognizes my hard work! I am the quientessential perfectionist and sometimes I know I don't give myself enough credit.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maker's Mark Ambassador

Ever heard of the Maker's Mark Ambassador program? Neither had I until my boyfriend introduced me. It's an "exclusive" word of mouth program that is by invitation only. Essentially members are rewarded for sharing their positive experience with the Maker's Mark brand... but it's more than that. An effective WOM program is incredibly hard to develop and maintain but it's incredibly cost effective. We all know that we trust our peers more than we trust advertising. Most if not all consumers rely on some sort of peer feedback when making purchases. This program has taken WOM to a whole new level!

When you enroll in the program you receive gifts periodically, and with each gift comes a few postcards or business cards for you to pass out to friends. You are encouraged to invite your friends to join the exclusive program. Keep in mind that the gift is typically some sort of branded item. This past Christmas my boyfriend received wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift cards and a gift bag, all branded with the Maker's Mark logo. So each ambassador is continuously advertising for the liquor by spreading the gifts and postcards among friends! Quite ingenious.

Anyways, the ultimate goal of the program is having your name put on a barrel of whiskey! Once you register as a brand ambassador it takes 9 months to get your name on a barrel. My boyfriend received the "historic" birth announcement today. The barrel will age for 7 years and all the while he will continue to receive special gifts for being a member. Once the barrel is ready to be distributed he is invited to purchase a bottle from his batch.

This is an amazing marketing campaign in so many ways!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's the Deal?

Kenzie and I wanted to see a movie the other day but our options were limited. There is nothing really in theaters right now that is really appealing. So we decided that an action flick would be the best 'bang' for our buck and decided to see Predators.

It actually turned out to be a good film. I was pleasantly surprised...

Then I started to wonder, why I hadn't seen any publicity for the film. I seriously thought that the marketing team had made a major mistake because obviously this film was a sequel of a box office hit. So their was obviously a large following that would certainly see the movie based on the previous success of the series.

To be completely honest, I hadn't seen a single preview or anything! Then it dawned on me... I'm not exactly the target audience! Oddly enough a few days later, Kenzie and I were watching Spike and inevitably I saw the first preview for the movie! I just had to sit and laugh at myself... I had a Blonde moment. It's ok. It happens ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Me llamo Ocho Cinco

I've come to love Ocho Cinco (a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco, a.k.a. Chad Johnson). Regardless of his name, I still have a fondness for Ocho and his ability to entertain. Even though his new name, Ocho Cinco is incorrect (85 is Spanish is chenta y cinco) it has brought him a lot of attention. His exposure over a few short years has been incredible.

I have to admit that the Bengal's wide receiver definitely knows how to stir the pot. As a life-time Bengals fan I do get frustrated when Chad's on-field performance begins to suffer because of his antics. However, as a fan of the entertainment world and marketing, I love the image he has created and the additionally opportunities that have been afforded to him. He is certainly making the most of his career and his fame.

From "Dancing with the Stars" to his new reality show "The Ultimate Catch" and don't forget the Ochocinco App, it seems like he has tapped into every available resource possible. I think it's just incredibly interesting that an athlete has this type of entrepreneurial drive. I give him major props!

For more information about Ocho, check out the OCNN.