Monday, December 20, 2010

Magic 8 Ball

Social Media is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. In 2010 the use of social media through mobile devices increased in the triple digits. I predict that it will continue to grow & evolve. The past year we also saw many more companies integrating social media into their business plan. Companies like Pepsi, Starbucks & Ford become innovators in the social media world.

So what's to come in 2011? My Predictions:

-Businesses of all sizes will begin to embrace social media as an essential integrated tool. Executive level management will start to understand that the new workforce (millenial generation) have become accumstomed to a lifestyle that inludes a great deal of social & digital media. In order to reach this generation and fully embrace the lifestyle, it'll become more evident that digital media should be incorporated into business plans (including LinkedIn participation, blogging, etc.)

- Increased platform complexity and expansion. Social networks will continue to evolve and vie for top attention. New social media platforms are being developed currently and some huge competition is possible shortly for Facebook.

- Cross-promotion. Social media platforms will continue to work to cross-promote functionalities and capabilities to appeal to larger audiences. Mergers/acquisitions of the larger platforms are not out of the question.

- Mobile & social lifestlyes will continue to grow and become more acceptable in the mainstream. With the increase of smart phone usage, social media use through mobile devices will continue to grow to an even larger audience beyond millenials.