Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Connecting the dots...

Since I began in social media marketing, I notice that a lot of 'social media experts' lack the ability to connect the dots between social media and sales. Many of the experts that I've encountered simply understand the basic rules of participating in a social media realm but they do not understand how to utilize the platform for business purposes.

Marketing is about making money, it's about driving the brand, it's about increasing sales. You should not be simply participating in social media and simply hoping that ticket sales, service sales, etc. will increase. You should outline a strategy WHILE engaging with your audience to increase sales.

You don't want to sell, sell, sell but at the same time your marketing efforts need to be monetized, this includes social media. There is a very fine line in social media where you need to sell and also engage. Find a social media marketer that is able to really make a correlation between selling and social media. I am simply amazed at how many so-called experts lack the business sensibility! Some of the most profitable brands in the world truly understand this concept.

Look at Starbucks on Twitter. They engage but also sell. If you want to stay in business you have to make money, right? Social media may be free but it does take time. So make sure you invest wisely and strategize to create ROI. Your investment being your valuable time.