Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bing, not my thing

I have been working on our search engine optimization at work and we recently submitted our company to Bing Local. We received the letter confirming our submission and I went to verify and enter the pin number on the webpage that was provided in the letter and the web page didn't work.

So my first impression of Bing... not good. It first started when I tried opening the https page and it indicated that my browser was unsupported. It said that it required at least Firefox 2.0, odd, I'm using Firefox 3.2. Then it proceeds to tell me that I have to sign up for a MSN Live account before I can move forward. I sign up and it doesn't get me anwhere!

So I spent 20 minutes playing around with Bing Local and still couldn't figure it out. I did a GOOGLE search and found that lots of people have had the same problem.

Again, not a good first impression. I'm sticking with Google.