Monday, August 16, 2010

So what's my ROI?

I was at the Bengals game last night when I saw a blimp overhead emblazoned with a DirectTV logo. I'm a self-proclaimed marketing nerd and started to wonder what kind of ROI they expect for that type of advertising. I can't even imagine how much that adverting would cost, I've never worked for any company that required national exposure... let's just say that it cost $10,000 for that blimp and a single customer would generate $1,000 for a one year contract (give or take considering they have so many different product offerings). That means DirectTV would need only 10 customers to break even. Not too shabby, but at the same time, how many football fans are looking at the blimp thinking... "hmmm, I think I should sign up for DirectTV when I get home".

With that being said, I think that DirectTV is able to use that blimp to increase brand awareness and brand association with little concern for the ROI the blimp would bring; that is the convenience of having a large marketing budget.

And honestly I would imagine it would be nearly impossible to measure the ROI for a blimp. I was just really fascinated by the whole scenario!