Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Gravelrama parade was last night and it went well. It was certainly a lot of work but it was awesome! I absolutely love getting to help with large events like this. I made a total of 28 signs by hand! It was all worth it though when the float was finally decorated. We even won 2nd place in the non-competitive 4X4 category.

Getting the floats in the right order was an absolute nightmare. Especially with the horse and buggy leading the way! I was very lucky that the firetrucks were cooperative enough to move so that we were able to get the Kroger semi around with the horse and buggy. Overall, the parade took 50 minutes! I think this is by far the most vehicles we've ever had participate! It was an amazing turn out.

Here is my Uncle Doug's vehicle, he won 2nd in the competitive 4X4 category.