Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Mel!

So I have been working on my personal brand and I've been taking a Public Relations class at the same time. I recently read a section on how to address crisis situations and I started thinking about Mel Gibson. His most recent debacle is certainly a PR nightmare. I couldn't even fathom the stress his publicist is under at the moment! From being named 1985's sexiest man alive by People's magazine to being named a sexist racist bigot, Mel Gibson has come a long way... and not in a good way!

Unsurprisingly, Gibson's representatives have declined to comment at this time as they strategize behind the scenes in hopes of salvaging some sort of image for the actor. But honestly, I don't know if it's possible! I mean celebrities have rebounded from a lot of things, but this string of negative publicity has seared an image into the public mind. I am very interested to see how his rep's address this issue in both the short term but especially the long term!

In my personal opinion, I think taking responsibility and addressing the issues head on are the best options at this point. Gibson needs to own up to his mistakes and seek treatment. I think this is the first step to repairing his public image (if their is any hope at all for reparation).