Sunday, July 18, 2010

Negative WOM

We all know that negative word of mouth spreads farther and faster than anything positive. Perhaps it's just human nature. I'm a bit dumbfounded by Verizon & LG at the moment. I've had so many problems with my phone it's unreal and neither company has done much to rectify the situation. I am on my 3rd model now and my warranty just expired. I went to have the phone looked at one week ago today and Verizon told me a simple software update would take care of my problem. At that time, my front screen was frozen and wouldn't do anything.

Since that time, my alarms have stopped working. My phone calender is my lifeline and without it I am lost! I also use my phone as my alarm clock, well guess what... that doesn't work either. I cannot even begin to describe the utter frustration of buying a product (for $150 mind you) and have it not work.

The customer service that I have received obviously reflects on the entire company and I wonder how many other dissatisfied customers are out there. In this volatile economy I don't know how any company can afford to survive with such horrible customer service...