Thursday, July 1, 2010

Me llamo Ocho Cinco

I've come to love Ocho Cinco (a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco, a.k.a. Chad Johnson). Regardless of his name, I still have a fondness for Ocho and his ability to entertain. Even though his new name, Ocho Cinco is incorrect (85 is Spanish is chenta y cinco) it has brought him a lot of attention. His exposure over a few short years has been incredible.

I have to admit that the Bengal's wide receiver definitely knows how to stir the pot. As a life-time Bengals fan I do get frustrated when Chad's on-field performance begins to suffer because of his antics. However, as a fan of the entertainment world and marketing, I love the image he has created and the additionally opportunities that have been afforded to him. He is certainly making the most of his career and his fame.

From "Dancing with the Stars" to his new reality show "The Ultimate Catch" and don't forget the Ochocinco App, it seems like he has tapped into every available resource possible. I think it's just incredibly interesting that an athlete has this type of entrepreneurial drive. I give him major props!

For more information about Ocho, check out the OCNN.