Monday, December 28, 2009

Bing... is it the new thing?

The new search engine Bing was introduced by Microsoft earlier this year and it's already making a big stir in the search engine world. "According to comScore, Bing nabbed 10.3% of the total U.S. search market in November, up from 8% in May. During that time, Yahoo's search share fell to 17.5% in November from 20.1% in May. Google, of course, continued to show strong numbers, clocking in a 65.5% share in November up from 65% in May". (DailyFinance)

Yahoo! is slowly losing it's share of the search engine audience. However, Google is remaining steady. So why is this?

Bing is being marketed as a new type of search engine, it is being marketed as a "Decision Engine", if you will. According to, four and a half websites are created every second. That is great and all, but it creates a lot of unwanted and irrelevant material for the search engines to pick up. So Bing is using search tools that are intuitive, the search engine suggests additional search items based on your original query.

It looks like Bing is going to have a harder time converting Google users; Yahoo users are jumping on the bandwagon much quicker. Google got it right a long time ago and people are comfortable using the search engine. Granted that Bing is offering additional tools to make your search experience easier, people tend to stick with what they know. Super users, (i.e. SEM, SEO, social media experts etc.) will have to be market leaders in order for Bing to grab a large market share from Google. It will be a slow transition but it looks possible.