Thursday, September 17, 2009

Woody is my hero

I have noticed that more and more companies are giving away free samples for their products via Facebook. The best example I've seen so far of integrated marketing techniques (using social media) is TGI Fridays. The Woody campaign is great! The campaign started September 4th, just 12 days ago. I just checked Woody's page and he's over 690,000 fans. The idea is that if 500,000 people became a fan of Woody before September 30th, then you get a free Jack Daniels burger or chicken sandwich. He is well over half a million, so Friday's has virally released a new challenge, 1 million fans.

The buzz created around this campaign has been phenomenal. Just check out the Woody fan page. Remember that a big part of social media is creating and guiding that conversation and that is exactly what Friday's is doing.