Sunday, September 20, 2009


The new "Food-For-Fans" marketing approach is getting bigger and bigger. As I continue to talk about social media marketing and food products I stumbled upon another article. Texas Pete is giving out Free hot sauce. With a goal not quite as lofty as TGI Friday's it's very plausible for them, Texas Pete is looking to get 100,000 fans before November 15th.

Initially (a few weeks ago) Texas Pete began offering product samples and coupons to facebook fans and hoped to give out 10,000 samples over a four week time period, but hit that number of requests in just 6 days!! So now they are looking to go even further. Once Texas Pete hits 100,000 fans, (at that time and only if they reach 100,000 before November 15th) a coupon will appear to fans on their Facebook page.

The big difference between this campaign and Woody, is the integrated marketing. Texas Pete is strictly using viral marketing for their Facebook campaign.