Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brands in Public

I just read an article on AdAge that deserves some response. In the crazy world of advertising and brand management the new Brands in Public has struck some nerves. In perspective it was inevitable to happen eventually. You can know visit http://www.squidoo.com/brandsinpublic/hq and find top brands and all the social networking conversation about that brand.

Understandably some brands are not too excited about it... mainly the cost. $400 a month to "curate" your page. According to Seth Godin's blog the pages will collects "tweets, blog posts, news stories, images, videos and comments about a brand." By paying that $400 you can add your own brand speak to the left hand side of the page.

So is it a good thing? or a bad thing? AdAge refered to it as "brandjacking"... but to be completely honest what's to say that this is any different than consumers mentioning brands on social networks. Squidoo is essentially just aggregating the conversation. I think if you are actively participating in the social media marketing then you have nothing to worry about because this is free positive advertising for your brand. Now if your not, it may be reason to worry.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Boondock Saints: All Saints Day

Can't wait for the sequel coming out this Halloween. It's been over a decade! Check out the the trailer here...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The new "Food-For-Fans" marketing approach is getting bigger and bigger. As I continue to talk about social media marketing and food products I stumbled upon another article. Texas Pete is giving out Free hot sauce. With a goal not quite as lofty as TGI Friday's it's very plausible for them, Texas Pete is looking to get 100,000 fans before November 15th.

Initially (a few weeks ago) Texas Pete began offering product samples and coupons to facebook fans and hoped to give out 10,000 samples over a four week time period, but hit that number of requests in just 6 days!! So now they are looking to go even further. Once Texas Pete hits 100,000 fans, (at that time and only if they reach 100,000 before November 15th) a coupon will appear to fans on their Facebook page.

The big difference between this campaign and Woody, is the integrated marketing. Texas Pete is strictly using viral marketing for their Facebook campaign.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Domino's Tracker

So I ordered a pizza the other day and was absolutely amazed. It's the little things that make me happy (and the fact that I'm a complete nerd obsessed with social media marketing helps too).
On the final page of our order you have the option to post the "Domino Tracker" on your Facebook page.
<-- The tracker shows you on a timeline where your order is in the process. From being prepped to
baked and ready for pick-up. In real time you can see what's happening with your pizza. Next time you order pizza consider Domino's and order online. Great marketing and great pizza! Yum.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Woody is my hero

I have noticed that more and more companies are giving away free samples for their products via Facebook. The best example I've seen so far of integrated marketing techniques (using social media) is TGI Fridays. The Woody campaign is great! The campaign started September 4th, just 12 days ago. I just checked Woody's page and he's over 690,000 fans. The idea is that if 500,000 people became a fan of Woody before September 30th, then you get a free Jack Daniels burger or chicken sandwich. He is well over half a million, so Friday's has virally released a new challenge, 1 million fans.

The buzz created around this campaign has been phenomenal. Just check out the Woody fan page. Remember that a big part of social media is creating and guiding that conversation and that is exactly what Friday's is doing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trust and Social Media

Have you noticed that the older generations tend to steer clear of social media (and the internet in general) much more so than the younger generation? A lot of it is because my generation was raised with the internet and perhaps we don't feel vulnerable putting our lives out there for others to see. My parents however struggle with this concept, understandibly. But more and more of our parents (and sometimes grandparents) are begining to join the club. Have you noticed? Have you also noticed to which social media network the older generation is participating? It's Facebook. Facebook has given the user much more ability to keep things private; account settings allow the user to hide nearly all page information. Maybe this is why the Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook is women Over 55.

Companies used to look at social media dempographics and think it was just the kiddies, it's time to rethink that.

The 10 most trusted companies in America... Facebook for the first time is among top 10...
Read Article Here

Friday, September 11, 2009


It's been awhile since I've wrote, I would like to say it's because I've been busy. In truth, I've mostly been busy trying to keep myself occupied. Still trying to figure out what my life has become. A lot has happened over the past few years. Some good, some bad, but now here I am trying to make sense of it all. Anyways, getting away this weekend to Indy, should be a good time. When I come back I intend to get back to a schedule... my plan has gone by the wayside and that needs to change.

9-11-01 * Never Forget!