Saturday, July 25, 2009

Piece of Advice/ Social Media Ettiquette

This may be a little rant but it is also useful information. While using Twitter for business purposes it's important to understand what you are doing. Especially if you consider yourself a Social Media Expert, Search Engine Expert or Search Engine Marketing Expert. Just a piece of advice these types of Tweets will not optimize your page nor are they entertaining, to be completely honest they are boring and annoying.

"It's a busy day here at the office!"
"Need help optimizing your site? Visit!"
"Lunch was yummy, now back to work"
"Here's an article"
"Preparing notes for a presentation tomorrow!"
"Wrapping up a busy week, can't wait for the weekend"

In the world of social networking, we are all busy. If your Tweets, posts and blogs etc. aren't interesting or relevant you are wasting my time. DELETE! Ok, every once in awhile if you throw one of these in it's ok. But seriously, if you don't have something interesting to say don't say anything at all, that's just my two cents... take it or leave it. Also, if you are going to post articles, give some interesting details. I don't have time to be clicking random links. Personally, I like to find a juicy part of the article and put that in my Tweet along with the link. Just an idea...