Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twitter Account

Finally got a response back today from Twitter. I lost access to my account after someone hacked into my account and changed both the user email and password associated with the account. I had very strong suspicions that it was my previous employer... as I made the huge mistake of using the same password for virtually all my accounts including my work account which he had access to. The day I was let go, I made a post on Twitter and LinkedIn asking for assistance looking for a new marketing job. The next day both my passwords were changed! I was able to gain access to my LinkedIn account and reset the password. However, Twitter has been a different story. Someone apparently logged in and changed the email and password to my account and then deleted all the people I was following! Well, my suspicions have been proven right. I received an email today from Twitter telling me the last successful log in IP address, and it's not mine! I went back through old emails and found my previous employers IP address and low and behold they match! I can not believe his audacity, he works in the Internet industry. Did he really think that he could get away with something like this? He knows full well that IP addresses can be traced. Perhaps he thinks that he is too good to get caught.

Good news though. I got a response from a Chicago based Search Engine Marketing company for a phone interview. Hopefully I will be getting out of Cincinnati soon, it's definitely time for a change!