Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good News

It's nice to know people. I've noticed throughout my career that networking has got me a long way. Found out today that I may be able to line up some freelance work doing digital media and social networking. I rather enjoy social media marketing, it would be nice to get some freelance gigs lined up doing that.

I think that Internet marketing and social networking is so new that many people underestimate its power; especially when it's done incorrectly. Spam regardless of where it is coming from is still spam. You can overload your clients by using social media as another platform for spam, this does not help build a solid following/fanbase. In addition I think that too many companies don't understand which networking venues to use. Just because Facebook is hot now doesn't necessarily make it the right place to communicate with your client base. The social media universe is very diverse as is each community of users on those respective sites. It's important to utilize the right social marketing venue, not just any.