Monday, February 22, 2010

Radical Changes in Advertising! Oh my!

When social media first started getting big, I remember speaking to clients who were convinced it was just children that were using Facebook and Twitter. Their was no way that their target audience were using these mediums. More so than anything however, these clients were convinced that social media marketing wouldn't last long. It was called a marketing fad.

Even though I don't still have contact with these clients, I like to think that they have evolved and learned that social media is here to stay and social media marketing has radically changed advertising as we know it. Pretending that social media is still a fad is like pretending the internet is still a fad. People thrive on having a human connection and feeling like part of a community. In our fast paced world, social media helps people full-fill these needs of acceptance and belonging.

Hence, advertising to this audience has taken on new meaning. Companies must be aware of the audience in which they are communicating and be prepared to initiate and participate in a two way conversation. This involves listening to the people, not just talking at them. Traditional media is very much a one way communication.

This is very important to keep in consideration when strategizing and planning in both marketing and public relations efforts!